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Registration for this event with Team HFOT is now closed.

In addition to the registration fees, each member of Team HFOT must meet the following fundraising commitment must by August 18, 2017:
- New Team HFOT Runners: $600
- Past Team HFOT Runners in good standing: $500
- If you choose to run with Team HFOT in more than one race category (examples: 5K & 10K, 5K & Half Marathon, or 5K &
Disneyland® Double Dare), your fundraising commitment will be $1,100. 

Registration fees are paid up front and do not count towards the above fundraising commitment.

Charity Registration Fees by Race Category
Disneyland® Double Dare Participant - $320
 - Half Marathon Participant - $175
 - 10K Participant - $120
 - 5K Participant - $80

Own Entry Participant - $10
Runners who have already secured their registration via runDisney can join Team HFOT for a $10 registration fee. Own Entry runners must submit their runDisney confirmation number during registration, and agree to the above fundraising commitment. Team HFOT does not provide race entry for Own Entry participants.

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